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Global Ethics and Values Convention will be held from 16th to 18th December, 2012 in Greater Noida, fastest growing educational, industrial and outsourcing hub situated on the outskirts of New Delhi.

It will be a three day fully residential event to discuss, learn and share about Ethics and Values. It will focus on Best Practices from India and around the World. It aims at fostering healthy and productive interdisciplinary interactions among the delegates.

It will attract ministerial officials, policy makers, business leaders, heads of universities and colleges, senior academic staff, representatives of NGOs, journalists, students and impassioned visionaries from all over the world.

The presentations during convention will cover three domains: Business, Social and Political. Delegates from around the world will be given an opportunity to present their views on Impact of Values on Sustainability, Inclusive Leadership and Community Building.

The Keynote Address on Significance of Ancient Lessons in Shaping the Future aims to provide an insight on traditional approaches to solve the modern day problems. An Interactive Session with Youth Speakers will help the delegates to discuss about the challenges and opportunities in today's world.

The convention will also host three high profile Panel Discussions:

Developing Ethical Leadership in a Globalized World.
Integrating Spirituality, Ethics, Values and Law.
Towards an Interdisciplinary Global Code of Ethics and Values.

Cultural Night, Talent Night and Gala Dinner will provide a perfect ending to each day of intense debate, discussions, presentations and soul searching.

Key Words: Ethics, Values, Integration, Leadership, Law, Sustainability and Spirituality.